Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday - hump day!

So far so good this week.  I managed yesterday, as I mentioned, to put together a trailer for our group's ho'oponopono session, and sent it out to the girls.  Looks like it has gone viral!  Sort of.  They all really loved it, I was just hoping they wouldn't be offended!

I left work for school yesterday by way of Champa Thai to pick up veggie pad Thai, mi krob, and calamari for class.  Barb and I had that night to treat for food.  She brought rice and meat jun.  So, we kicked off everything quite well, and even had vegetarian stuff so that our instructor could eat.  She's strict vegetarian, but not vegan, thankfully.  Although the mi krob could pass for vegan.

We went through a lot of information on group work after a thought provoking exercise on fear led by Michelle and Mohala.  They did it well, and it engendered a lot of conversation.

Right before the end of class, the girls had the instructor play the promo trailer for our video, which I am in the process of editing.  Two thoughts went through my mind, oh God I'm fat! and not too bad for a campy trailer.  The lights came on and our instructor joked, "ok everyone, no pressure, but..."  We all laughed.  Thankfully, iMovie makes editing easy!

But on to the oh God I'm fat!  I've been working pretty hard ever since our cruise to get back into shape, and it is starting to pay off.  I'm finally able to stop wearing my fat clothes (that's what I was wearing Friday night, and it wasn't too flattering), and I'm comfortably in my a little bit chubby clothes.  Of course, I want instant gratification, so slimming down this much in seven weeks just doesn't seem fast enough to me.

The thing is, I'm over 40, and it took a 3rd knee surgery and 2 years to pack on the pounds, it's going to take a while to get it back off.  Which means I have to get serious about this whole 24 Hour Fitness thing.  I am enjoying the classes I go to in the morning, but I've allowed myself to slack off of 6 am a few too many times!  This morning, even!  Mind you, I walked 3 miles and did 30 minutes of arms and core exercises, but I slacked off nonetheless.  Pilates and zumba were supposed to be the call of the morning!

So I think I've found a good motivator - looking at that trailer video.  I know what can lie beneath, I've had it there before.  It's time to see the reality for what it is and really stick to my goals of losing weight and gaining muscle. 

A good thing happened yesterday, don't remember if I mentioned it, but I will mention it again.  My boss finally realized (thanks to the mention by his possible successor) that I start my internship on May 23rd -- YAY!!!  And that I will need to be half time until 13 August.  Also YAY!!  We are now actively engaged in finding my replacement, shooting for overlap in early May before I pull my last stint of active duty -- YAY!!  And retire -- YAY!!

I have a feeling that there are very good things on my horizon about to happen, so I'm going to channel the positive energy of the universe to the best of my ability. 

And watch that video.

Every morning.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time for Tuesday

Well, here it is, 3:39 on Tuesday afternoon.  I did indeed do what I said I would yesterday - went home and did the easy workout for a half an hour.  And it did make me feel more uplifted!  This morning, I wound up sleeping a little later than planned, but did get in my 5th workout of the 9 week challenge.  It may be a tad bit difficult over the next 2 weekends, but I'll keep on going on, because the endorphins that flow at the end of the workout do make me feel much better.

I wound up screening our 3 video feeds from Friday night's ho'oponopono session, and put together a trailer for the group to giggle at.  We laughed and laughed that night, but when it came down to brass tacks, we got to work and did well.  Now I will need to spend some quality time editing the three feeds in order to get good visual/voice of all the ladies.  One thing the video shows me, though, is that I need to seriously get down to weight loss.  Things are looser now, but I'm still wearing my really fat clothes, as opposed to my curvy clothes.  My jeans are my measure of effectiveness!

I'm coming up on my second to last drill weekend this weekend, and we are going to the range.  Woo hoo!  I just finished writing up my legion of merit recommendation, and will be finishing up my OER support form in the next 12 hours.  A retirement OER, who'd have thought I'd make it this far or this long?  I don't think I'm in the least bit torn over this, in fact, I'm quite ready to be done.  There was a point when I wanted more, but that point has gone what with being in the MSW program.

Tired from not sleeping well, and a little sore from the workout, but all is good.  I'll hit pilates and zumba in the morning, and then head to PACFLT.  On the plus side, both my boss, and his replacement, are aware of my timetable, and it looks like they will bring in someone to overlap and replace me as I start my last active duty stints and then head on to the internship.  I am STOKED!  I will only be pulling 50% pay, though, so I know I will be feeling anxious.  Thankfully, I've got the support of my spousal unit, so as long as I keep my spending down, I should make it through ok.  The active duty dollars will not be too hard to turn down, that's for sure, and Booz Allen usually re-coups the difference roughly 2 1/2 to 3 months down the road.  Gives me a buffer.

Time to get ready to pick up Thai food to bring to class, it is my turn.

If you get a chance, check out the link at the top of the blog.  You'll get a smile out of it.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays...

Woke up this morning, and ignored my better instinct to go to Zumba class.  I was feeling lethargic, unhappy, and frankly unsatisfied with work.  I just do not enjoy going to work in a place where I have no impact or import.  It's insane!  I am truly looking forward to being on active duty in May and finishing up with my time in service.  And, as I said last week, I am thrilled to be moving forwards in my MSW program and starting the process of being an intern.  I will even get a badge!

So, in order to combat this malaise, I am planning on going home, hooking up to the wii fit, opening up EA Sports Active, and working out.  I have to maintain the happy endorphin level at almost any cost!

It was a good weekend -- I went to our last ocean count for the season on Saturday, pulling along a cranky monkey husband and tired stepson.  We left early (Wayne was driving, and Mario Andretti he ain't), and had a very blustery morning, along with rain.  It was so disheartening that half the volunteers left at 10:30!  But things then took a turn for the better.  Starting with a close swim by, we saw a breach, and then had lots of whale activity from about 5-6 whales until the end of the count.  It was wonderful!  Someday, I will work my camera finger fast enough to catch that breach.  In the meantime, we had the company of a monkseal named Rip, several Hawaiian green sea turtles, and lots of seabirds.  Quite lovely.

Yesterday was a good day, too.  I made a lamb in the slow cooker, called home to Mom & Dad, and watched basketball.  Dianne, Lee & crew came over for dinner, and rounded out the day most pleasantly.  I was very happy indeed!  I had also worked out both days on the EA sports active program, so that helped contribute.  I know that once I do it again today, I will feel much, much better.

So soon to go home, work out, start editing our Ho'oponopono video, and enjoy the company of three furry critters and a spouse.  I feel better already!

Ciao for now!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Amazing what feeling under the weather does

It's been a rough week, spring break seems to have brought on a spring cold.  Not particularly thrilled with that, it's been fevers, chills, the runs, headache season.  Wayne says that was mild compared to what is happening at work.  I didn't make it to the gym this week at all, and tomorrow is the whale count, so won't make it then.  I did get in my 2 EA Sports Active 2.0 sessions, and pulled a third workout off this morning. Boy have they been making me sweat.  Wayne is worried that it is the fever, so no walking today.  I have noticed a spike in my blood pressure and resting heart rate, although the resting heart rate is getting closer to the 68 bpm of last week, my diastolic pressure is back up in the 90s.  Systolic is recovering, post exercise this morning I am 131/98, 76 bpm.

Tonight I will have six classmates over from my social work 607 class, and we will be videotaping a mock ho'oponopono session at the house.  Not familiar with ho'oponopono?  I was/am not either.  So out to wikipedia I went ('oponopono).  Ho'oponopono is based on ancient Hawaiian/Polynesian practices of reconciliation and forgiveness.  I guess it goes back to the old days, where if you did something kapu (forbidden), if you made it to Honaunau, you were forgiven.  It is practiced by healing priests, sometimes combined with tapping.

It will be interesting to see how this goes, and to apply it to my life with my family -- back in NY, that is.  I'd very much be interested in understanding and embracing the concepts, and then going back and applying them.  There is still so much anger and irritation and hurt, much of which I also caused, that resounds inside me.  Forgiveness and letting go are what I would like to be.

So, I will get out the video camera, well, cameras, and record our session from three angles, and then edit them together.  It will be fun, and I'll get to showcase off some of my own skills to the ladies, which totally differ from theirs.  A number of them have participated, or at least watched a ho'oponopono session, so they will hopefully be the social workers, and leave the ha'oles (white chicks) to be the clients.  I will post some of the video via link here this week.

I think I mentioned this before, but I am currently a Masters student (again!) in social work at the University of Hawaii.  I had spent a lot of time talking with Wayne, and wanting to give back to the community that I have survived -- the Army, and its families.  Well, I went to Schofield Barracks this past week, and interviewed at Army Community Services within the Family Advocacy Division.  I got a placement for my summer internship!  At the newborn outreach clinic.

As I continue down my path, and without divulging any client information, I'll be keeping folks here in touch with how I am doing, and any changes this will bring to my life.  I cannot wait to start - going in to work in the morning, I dread the drive.  I have spent the last year being useless, and doing many projects in order to get promoted to lead associate.  Well, my assessment is done, and I am a week or so away from finding out the results.  I both dread and eagerly await the news.

Now off to the shower and the dreaded job.  Tired, unmotivated, but looking forward to tonight, and to the last whale count of the season tomorrow morning in Hawaii Kai!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh what a morning!

Well, as far as mornings go, it was pretty good -- got in 2 workouts of the 9 week challenge this morning, just absolutely dripping with sweat.  And then WHAM -- brick wall consisting of chills, sweats, and yuck. Woo hoo.  Now to head in to work for the day, although I might think I'm a little nuts.

But we will continue to march forward and spend some good time working out over the weekend, which coincides with the final whale  count of the season.  Plus meeting with the girls from class in order to do our video.  Better get the camera batteries charged and ready.  I'll link it when it's done!

Ciao for now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

An inspiring friend!


Although you may not know this, you are one of two people who has helped me reframe my state of being and become more active and healthy.  Just wanted to share that!

While I haven't logged quite as many miles, I am doing a lot more now than I did just two months ago, and I feel great about it.  I feel better about my upcoming change in life - work as a social worker rather than as a communications officer or consultant.  Really, I hate my job.  Hate it.  This is why I've been enrolled and taking classes for the last 2 years.  I want to be a better person and make it a better world.  I watch Wayne every  morning - he has joy in his steps as he goes to work.  I want that too.  Along with a better world for the families of our service members.  That's why I'm so EXCITED about my summer internship!  Ok, I have to go to half time for regular work, and negotiate a lot of home office hours, but in the end, it will be for the benefit of everyone involved.  I'll be in the newborn outreach division of the family advocacy division at Schofield.  I cannot wait.

That said, time to go to aforementiomed consulting job in order to build up hours for the week.

Love to you T, and to the others who inspire me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting healthy, finally!

Unbelievable what a cruise can do for you, as long as you try.

Wayne and I headed out on another MacMania cruise (check out the blog and pictures at in February of this year. When we got on the ship, I was in pretty bad shape. Blood pressure for the last 2 years has either been borderline hypertension or fully hypertension. My resting heart rate was low to mid-90s. And I was terrified of the scale, which is still true. But I made a vow before we went on the trip that I would pay attention to what I ate, and be reasonably fit. I also bought the EA Sports Active 2, which provides a heart rate monitor to watch your heart rate.

When we got on the ship, we met up with our friends Sue & Ivan Samuels, with whom we had cruised two years earlier. Wayne and I met up with Sue in the gym, and she told me she had signed up for "Boot Camp" during the cruise, and encouraged me to join up. I was a little anxious about it, but thought seriously about it. In the meantime, on our first morning out to sea, I went to a sunrise stretch class, followed by a cardio class. It was wonderful! I then continued to do that each morning of the cruise, plus went walking every day. And, I joined in the boot camp training. It was $120, but it was also a great jump start on getting fit again. If you look at our travel blog, you will see my face losing weight (doesn't it always start there?) over the course of the trip. I also looked for another boot camp program in Hawaii, and wouldn't you know the new Pearl City 24 Hour Fitness had it, right around the corner! At only $50/month, it seemed like a steal.

I also found out about an Elemis body detox program, 3 months long, and decided to buy the algae caplets and start my own liver/kidney/body detox program.

When we got home, I started the 3 week cardio kick start with my Sports Active, and signed up at 24 Hour Fitness. 2 weeks later, my resting heart rate was down from 92 to 75! And one more week later, it is now 68! I'm almost finished with my kick start program, and ready to start my 9 week challenge. Combined with walking, the gym, and better eating/drinking choices, I know I can't go wrong.

So thank you, Sue, you started something big. And thank you me for deciding to finally do something and get fit!